Emerging Trends in Animation Industry

Animation is becoming one of the prospering and fastest growing industries in the world. With lots of new advancements and developments, it is creating a new impact all over the world. We see that animated objects attract people more than the ordinary ones. In fact, TV commercials with animated features have more impact on viewers than normal ads. Animation is very much in demand whether it is regarding a new product launch, existing product’s advertisement, technical gadget launch or any fashion product. With the mass interest in watching 3D animation, this industry in India is generating huge percentage of revenue.

Animation describes one’s imagination; it has the ability to extend one’s imagination to another level. Not only among kids, but also among adults, this is becoming very popular. Animated movies are very much in demand and these days they are liked by people all of the ages. Some of the successful super-hit movies rank among the top 10. In almost every sector, animation is there: animation in multimedia, education during lectures, classes and other tutorials. In this fast revolving digital world, 3D animation plays an important role.

In India, some of the best animation companies of the world are located in Bangalore. With increased use of Internet and satellite channels, this industry is gaining its pace rapidly, thereby creating a huge demand for animation courses. Many new institutes are opening in India now for giving training to students about the subject.

New improvements in science and various animated related software and tools have helped the animation sector, especially animation in multimedia to grow. However, in the past, the scene was different. Animation movies and TV serials or series were made on a moderate budget and were most specifically aimed at kids. There was no use of modern technology. This industry was not making profits and also job opportunities were less. Now the scenario is totally different.

There are so many animation companies that want good, skilled and experienced animators. For this, animation schools have opened in almost every city in India. However, before choosing the best school for you, you must check if the institute has student’s success story. Look for a college, which has 100 percent job placement and the best faculties and courses. You should try to get admission in such a college that provides overall personality development training also along with animation courses.

If you happen to get admission in one of the best colleges for animation in India, your future will be bright and you will surely get promoted in the industry. With lots of job opportunities in this sector, students just don’t need to worry about their career.


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